Just an update: day after day we have been moving loads to the project house. Small loads with ‘stuff’ culled out for sale and donation. After 20 years here and 12 years elsewhere we have our own accumulation of stuff, treasures, keepers and junk. We are slow going it. Why?

Truth be told, we are just worn out and have been. We re-up, re-energize, re-group, re-plan. It all works in varying degrees each time to get another couple days in. The Patio beckons. Putting the feet up beckons where the only thing nagging is “I should weed today, or should I go fishing?” Well, first I think I will have a cold beverage.


This morning, the long awaited for Reeded Glass kitchen cabinet doors were finally installed and they are fabulous! Truly a nice finishing touch to the after the debacle last Winter with the ‘Artist’. This time the craftsmanship is evident and many thank yous have been forthcoming to all involved.

cabinet door~

cabinet glass 3~

cabinet glass2No gloom, just tired. The light is at the end of the tunnel (again…different goal) and we are not going to arrive in the light so tired and burned out we cannot enjoy the arrival, the completion, the end to one epic journey and the beginning of the rest of our lives and the new challenges ahead with elders, family, health…life.

Patio Furniture

Slow & Steady

“When I was a kid my parents moved a lot, but I always found them.” Rodney Dangerfield

Oh my…it comes home to roost. Several years of turning outward to address two hoarding houses; two kids still storing their stuff here; carting parts of the hoards to our house for safekeeping; our own stuff and most importantly we are so damn mentally tired. No there isn’t much help right now. It is just us day after day slogging along and it is hot and we are just plain done. And our neglect shows in our own home..the yard. Just the attention to detail that kept our place so nice is lacking now as we move and then have to prep the house for market. 

Yet  it had to get done. We are hiring a mover for the big stuff…we are scrupulously culling out stuff we will not take with us…we are having yet another sale to get rid of stuff. But, right now it is getting down to the remnants, that last crap  in the way, every which way you look. The stuff needs to get organized for sale.

In the meantime, I make the half hour drive to the project house to unload and then sort and then place in rooms. All this takes time. Also, all the efforts in the yard cannot go for not in this heat so the yard needs tending to. No boo hoo here. Just an update that momentum is evident if we can objectively stand back and look. Once this is over, we may sit down and not move for a month.

Patio Floor Evolution

I have shown these images, in part, before. But it is so enjoyable to view these changes every day. It is pleasing to the eye as the patio/yard evolves. To have cut into those tiles seemed sinful at the time, but so has been tearing out the kitchen tiles, taking off some of the vintage awnings, removing the original beams of the patio cover, plastering over the lilacs on the bathroom ceiling. Changes that have resulted in beautiful changes. I am also mindful that my Aunt had made other changes over the years in design and style. Couple that with the fire she had some years ago and sentimentality/traditions can give way to the realities of change.

a IMG_1877~

a IMG_2364-001

a IMG_3204
a IMG_3433

Retro House Numbers

old numbersI took down the faded numbers (gold, plastic on a piece of board) stuck to the brick. We had found the vintage (retro) tile numbers that were once very popular in the Portland area. Today, I mounted them next to the front door for a touch of the past.

A Profound Blessing

The hoarding house…..project house/renovation house is progressing nicely. Now with a little bit of exterior touch up to be completed, the project is for purposes complete. A long (mentally/financially) process from December to July. Now the improvements are more decor/furniture/rugs and little of that. Dare I say it is done? 

Here are a few images (I won’t beset you with too many) of the kitchen area showing the old (that we wanted to maintain but was damaged and needed to be replaced) and the new.

kitchen hoard clean~

kitchen old empty


kitchen stove


kithcen corner sink


railing reeded glass


a IMG_3777


a IMG_3797

Ok, maybe I did put in quite a few pics. There is a small portion of reeded glass that is ordered for a couple kitchen cabinet doors. That is on the way and soon will be installed. Beyond that the kitchen is done! 

Now on to reupholstering a collection of my Aunt’s chairs, a few rugs, and a careful consideration of what to bring into this home. A blessing…a profound blessing!