A meaningful quote…

“I’m beginning to realise that I’m either overly sentimental, or am a hoarder who struggles to part with things. In all honesty, I’m probably both.” Fennel Hudson, Fennel’s Journal, No. 2

Found this quote while searching for a quote re memories, sentimental, vintage for my other blog, SwittersB & Exploring. The quote resonated re sentiments and hoarding.

Right now, we (my wife and I) are doing the following: continuing to cull through the excessive stuff we kept that belonged to my Mom and my Aunt. Mentally we are in a good place to get this done. Also, we are dealing with my in laws that are struggling to downsize in late life. There we are up against sentimentality and also the worth of every object, whether broken, junk or not touched in years. The latter project is more challenging as you can imagine. But, for us, there is not the urgency yet. Not our stuff….yet. And, we have other siblings to help and step up to wade through the years of accumulation. Not hoarders but just a lot of stuff that has built up and no energy to sort through due to health reasons and aging.

Sentimentality and memories are powerful stuff don’t you agree?


4 thoughts on “A meaningful quote…

  1. annietiques

    Love the new header photo….hard to believe that you waded your way thru that wall of boxes twice!!!

    Hubby & I are doing the same thing….culling thru 40 plus years of accumulations, hard to do but so necessary! It would help if our beloved children took their belongings with them and didn’t deposit items here for safe storage!!

  2. Sentimentality, memories, and for me, I’d add my inner 2 year-old screeching “MINE!”

    I’m glad the 2 of you are in a good place mentally as you continue the sorting, and upcoming in-laws situation.

    I’m fortunate that when DS moved out a few weeks ago, the only things he left were what *I* saved from his childhood – his Hot Wheels and some elementary/middle school papers that he did either really well or really bad on. He hated school so much, by the time he hit high school, not much came home. I don’t mind, he hung in long enough to get the important paper – a diploma.

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