Don’t leave those burdens…

Getting Rid of Certain Things Your Family May Not Want

It is hard for sure. Sometimes these are decisons that require a family member or friend to assist in the process to take the action steps and feel ok afterwards.


4 thoughts on “Don’t leave those burdens…

    1. Even with all our family has been through, we find ourselves still juggling the old mental burdens: value, sentimentality, might need it, good money spent on it… is indeed tough….

  1. Jenny Islander

    Hey, just wanted to let you know that I’ve been recommending your blog to people who are struggling with similar family issues. In the course of this, I’ve been inspired to get rid of some things that I’d been saving because they were “good stuff” and “could be used for [project]” that hasn’t happened in the 10 years I’ve had the stuff. Now I have more room in my house for things I actually use. So, thanks!

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