Reaching out…

BY tarps 2011

I/we have not been posting as much in this stage of life. But, I see folks linking to Hoarding Woes & You on a weekly basis. So, I thought I would once again extend to anyone in the midst of this crisis in life to feel free to write re questions for me and/or other viewers. Please feel free to write and I will get back to you.


6 thoughts on “Reaching out…

  1. shellssells

    I just want you to know, simply reading your blog during the time we were cleaning out my partner’s old family home, alone, with no other familial support and while still working full time and attempting to carry on with our own lives and deal with our own new home really helped. For one, it felt less lonely. For another, your project was so much bigger than ours, so I was always able to say “it could be worse.” It also helped me “let go” during the numerous garage sales and odd people encounters of those sales. And by reading your stories, I had a better idea of what to expect. I gained great tips as well! This was a couple years ago now, even if some of us don’t comment, your documentation really did help at least me, and I am sure countless others as well. (For the record, I still have nightmares about the clean out, and nightmares about finding a secret room in my own home full of stuff that I now have to clean out. That type of clean out can be quite traumatic!)

    1. Thank you for such a thoughtful, supportive comment! That truly lifts my spirits to know we helped in what is such an ordeal. I so understand what you still feel!!! Yes, our downstairs ‘Party Room’ is almost full of remaining stuff that we seem too tired, distracted to finish off!!! We keep saying, as our family must have, ‘We/I need to get down there and clean out that room’…of course there was more than one room wasn’t there….yes things could be worse!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Hello, I was having trouble with WordPress and it wouldn’t let me comment on your post but i wanted you to know how much I’ve appreciated your writing. Teresa

    I’ve enjoyed your blog from the time i found it and eventually went back to read it from the beginning. I will have a cleanup in my future too and i have learned so much from you and your story. If i had lived close by, i would have been one of your cleanup volunteers, too.

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  3. My parents live in a huge house and are aging. My dad said that buying things from a second hand store was one of my mom’s only joys. Now she has slowed down quite a bit so I am not sure that happens too much anymore since it is so hard for her to get around now but every room has stuff with price tags on them. I feel bad throwing it away but I’ve been trying to take one room at a time and make a dent. It is so overwhelming because as I start clearing out rooms, I know there are drawers and cupboards too. I found your blog from you visiting mine. And am so grateful to not feel so alone. It makes me want to throw away everything at my own house! So sad.

    1. Thank you for reaching out Diane. Yes, it is so difficult, especially when they are still with us. Best wishes. Write as confusion builds…especially later.

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