I had forgotten this feeling along the way……….

Part of what I do while composing for two different blogs is research and take a look at what others write and create. Today, I came upon two seemingly diverse, but not, pieces about death. Along the way, my wife and I have had to deal not with just two massive hoarding houses, but more importantly with the tended to the decline and deaths of my Mom and my Aunt. Perhaps we have jumped into the hoarding cleanups as a distraction to grief. It seemed the natural, necessary thing to do. 

But as I read these two short pieces today past feelings of guilt, fatigue, sadness, duty, self questioning, cold reality swirled back into my mind and gut. It all still sits just beneath the surface. Maybe that is how life and death is. Give them a quick read. They are stark in there own ways and tap into the past’s feelings, if not the future’s too.



Tree Glowing 3



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