Off Topic or On the Outer Edges of the Plan…………


Yes, we are culling out this and that for the future, but we are also tending to the yard to maintain some outward tidiness. The back yard is a disaster compared to the past…not the recent past (that was a mega disaster). For whatever reasons, amidst the usual mess, we are concerning ourselves with gardening and even future gardening.

Several months ago, we were on a hunt for banquet tables and 3 tier bookcases for the estate sale. That day we also came upon a Master Gardener gathering in SW Washington. And, there we met a woman that had a passion for Clematis. My Aunt also had a love affair with the big blooms of Clematis.

Clematis Cottage
A Clematis bloom in my Aunt’s backyard this Summer

 So, this Clematis lady advised us she was having an open garden/Clematis sale at the end of July. We put it down and some how we made it up into the hinterlands of SW Washington near Yacolt. There we found a beautiful, fanciful garden of many variety of Clematis. I made notes of names and colors for future use and of course a few specimens begged for a ride home.

Chalcedony SB
Ville De Lyon SB
Ville de Lyon
Princess Diana SB
Princess Diana

A wasted afternoon? Of course not. We explored, took some photos for research purposes, got ideas for display, learned some do’s & don’ts and confirmed once again my Aunt was at one time a wonderful, inspired gardener. Maybe some day it will return to something special.



2 thoughts on “Off Topic or On the Outer Edges of the Plan…………

  1. I don’t think that any trip like this – where you go somewhere you’ve never (or not recently) been to see something new and learn – is wasted time. Unless you hate gardening!

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