Hoarding Transitions…

For those of you that have followed along here at Hoarding Woes & You, you have seen the transitions of the house and the immediate surroundings (the driveway, the patio, the carport/garage). I thought I would share a sequence of images of the back yard that transformed from my Aunt’s well maintained, heavily flowered venue to a mess and to what we have created this past few months….

Tillie backyard 1987
My Aunt’s backyard in 1987…representative of the entire back yard…but by now she had started filling the patio and had created the tarped sidewalls.
patio walls
The patio, a lovely spot at one time, was encased in layers of canvas/tarps and then the 20′ x 20′ x 10′ area was completely filled.
BY tarps 2011
The once well maintained backyard was filled with pallets and box upon box of stuff…covered with layer upon layer of blue tarps.


BY tarps 2

BY corner
The cleanup commenced and layers of rotting stuff and dead animals were pulled away.
The backyard was cleared leaving a muddy mess….but this vacuum was filled yet again with debris from cleaning nearby areas…this happened repeatedly…

Ā by pile

The photos could go on and on over the last few years cleanup, renovations, and now the new back yard…I will just show the end result
BY 5-2015

by 5-2015 c

BY 5-2015 a

Not quite as laden with flowers, but still closer back to the original. The birdbath remains…somewhere there is a photo of me standing there some 55 years ago…but let’s not go there!!! Sorry for the size of some of the photos…Hope those of you that followed along from the beginning or somewhere in between enjoy this sequence. All of the roses were my folks and my Aunt’s. It feels so good to bring a semblance of beauty back to the yard and the house.


16 thoughts on “Hoarding Transitions…

  1. annietiques

    A miracle really. the house and yard are just plain stunning!!!! Looks so quiet and peaceful…

    A wonderful lesson in perseverance……

  2. Bonnie

    What a nice re-cap of the yard. Your aunts flowers were stunning. Brings back lots of memories of reading all about your hard work to get where you are and actually made me think about re-reading the blog again! I think you and your wife have done a lovely job of creating a nice vintage feel with the colors and furnishings with the new outdoor area. And as for fewer flowers….it looks very peaceful. Thanks for checking in with all your readers.

    1. Thank you Laurie….you will have to drop by and see….oh, I finally sold off the bazillion canning jars to a friend whose step daughter, in Idaho, is ecstatic šŸ™‚

  3. Tish

    Oh it’s so lovely! šŸ™‚ I visited the Portland Rose Gardens once, and have forever envied your climate for roses.

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