A Profound Blessing

The hoarding house…..project house/renovation house is progressing nicely. Now with a little bit of exterior touch up to be completed, the project is for purposes complete. A long (mentally/financially) process from December to July. Now the improvements are more decor/furniture/rugs and little of that. Dare I say it is done? 

Here are a few images (I won’t beset you with too many) of the kitchen area showing the old (that we wanted to maintain but was damaged and needed to be replaced) and the new.

kitchen hoard clean~

kitchen old empty


kitchen stove


kithcen corner sink


railing reeded glass


a IMG_3777


a IMG_3797

Ok, maybe I did put in quite a few pics. There is a small portion of reeded glass that is ordered for a couple kitchen cabinet doors. That is on the way and soon will be installed. Beyond that the kitchen is done! 

Now on to reupholstering a collection of my Aunt’s chairs, a few rugs, and a careful consideration of what to bring into this home. A blessing…a profound blessing! 


11 thoughts on “A Profound Blessing

  1. momoftwo

    Gary there are never too many pictures. I just love seeing the pictures. Everything looks wonderful. I’m so happy for you guys! Please post many many pictures!

    1. Thank you…I will attempt to as we add the final touches. Right now it seems to be chaos at the other house packing and all the decisions of what goes and isn’t…you know the moving chaos…only slightly less demanding than a hoarding cleanup! 🙂

      1. Jenny Islander

        While I have never had to do this myself, I have heard good things about this system:

        1. Remove anything from your household goods that might die or spoil if you packed it.

        2. Get a compass.

        3. Find the north wall of (for example) your kitchen. Put everything on the north wall of your kitchen into boxes that you immediately label “Kitchen–North.”

        4. Do the same for the south, east, and west walls. Repeat for every room in your house.

        5. When you get to your new place, put an empty box marked “Donate” and a trash can next to the box you are unpacking now. Everything in the Kitchen–North box that you actually want to keep goes back onto the north wall of your new kitchen, or whichever wall has the right shelves on it. Everything you realize you don’t actually want goes into the box and the trash can. When you have unpacked every box, you make one thrift store run and one Dumpster run. Supposedly, you avoid weeks of second-guessing yourself about things you gave away before you moved, because you had time to consider whether they actually belonged in your new place or not.

      2. Interesting….I think, for us, that would work fairly well for inside the house. Now when you get to all my camping and fly fishing/fly tying gear….well that is my hoarding domain and I am totally undisciplined!!! 🙂 Thanks for the interesting concept at organizing a move.

    1. Thank you dear lady!!! You know, I have never known your name beyond ‘g’ all this time as I have followed you through your arduous journey. I sincerely appreciate you reaching out to us!



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