Leaks, Coverings and Touch Up

IMG_3639Recently, I found a serious leak in the outdoor sprinkler system….no, actually I found it as I was transplanting  some shrub that didn’t want to budge. I dug, I pried, I leaned and low and behold the plant had grown over the water line and eventually I ‘won’ out over the plant/water line pipe combo and cracked the pipe with water going everywhere! I fixed it and it broke again. I fixed it and it appears to be leaking at a new spot. This is such a distraction right now, but yesterday it was 99 degrees and although cooler temps (80’s) are coming all the landscaping I have done needs water right now. I may have to “call the guy” to come take care of this while I tend to equally important tasks on other fronts.

The window coverings were installed and immediately added a new dimension to the home. The heavy layers of drapes and sheers were gone and now there is a cleaner look that affords privacy and shielding from the afternoon sun.

The painters have finally returned to finish portions they messed up on or never quite got done. They will be there again today. One of the more troubling portions of this renovation has been the painting crew and their sloppy work…they were the ones that butchered the railing inside. They had done the outside painting of the home prior to that and that should have been a warning. We have learned a lot along the way…the balance between letting the ‘pro’s’ do their work and meddling in to voice an opinion is a fine line but given the delays and frustrations, I for one will never be shy to voice an expectation/requirement in the future.


tree house

I have done very little landscaping wise in the front yard. I did plant a new tree, a crape myrtle, in the front bed to give some break to the low lines along the front.

Ok, well I have a leak to figure out or for someone to figure out and painters showing at 0700 hrs. so I am off. Thanks for visiting and staying with us through this journey.


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