Closing In on the Home Stretch

or at least of the most recent phase in life, with new phases looming. The yard is far from complete, but all the transplants are in and  for the most part, save a back lawn, the yard looks darn good. The exterior of the house is complete except for a few bubbles from the painters that have to be removed, primed and repainted. One back door needs some painting and a new lock. 

Inside, all the painting is complete. A small area needs the moulding applied and some quarter round attached. Tomorrow a deep cleaning is coming and should take 1-2 days. Tuesday the reeded glass for the kitchen railing will be installed. The floors are looking good and the cardboard is up off the marmoleum kitchen floor. 

In short, the focus needs to switch from renovation now to moving, then ‘fixing up’ the existing home and selling it asap to take advantage of the school year starting in early September. Then, that said, a celebration will be in order and believe it or not, after five years of elder care, hospice care, deaths, hoarding homes, cleanups, sale after sale after sale and then renovation….camping, travel, fly fishing and gardening will get a fair shot. Oh, and yes, we will truly enjoy the Hoarding House>Project House>Family House without question and celebrate often the two gals that so profoundly touched our lives.

harleyHarley is getting acclimated to the changes. He is still off kilter with the loss of Emma the Lab, his constant pal, this month…we all are actually. Another phase in life to adapt too and seek the positive yet again.


6 thoughts on “Closing In on the Home Stretch

  1. momoftwo

    Wow, so excited for you guys. AFter 5 years of unrelenting stress, you’re almost there! Harley is so cute, poor little guy. He will be very happy in his new house.

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