Busy Busy

The Project House is finally nearing completion with electrical, plastering, plumbing, woodworking, glass fitting, painting and gardening seemingly, all of a sudden, going on simultaneously. No complaints mind you.

Glass fitters came to measure the newly completed railing for the reeded glass inserts.





It all is coming along nicely. A few more details and schedule bumps causing waits for the next week or two but nothing we can’t work around. The yard is coming along, excepting for an outdoor plumbing issue (when you are digging up a shrub and it just won’t budge and you keep prying…perhaps you are prying against a water line….crack!!!! I wasted two days trying to repair what was rigged up to start with so it was an unwanted puzzle to solve. But no outside water in a mini heat wave was not a good thing for new plantings!

All in all, coming along. Trailer outside is loaded to the gills with debris and headed to dump.

The floors will soon be totally uncovered. Den, Dining room, Bedrooms are uncovered. The large rug in the living room that has absorbed a lot of foot traffic during the renovation needs to come out in pieces…I could never lift it out the door…I barely got the smaller dining room rug out of the house. Then some rug shopping to match Mid-Century Modern furnishings that we retained.



4 thoughts on “Busy Busy

    1. Thank you! We have had them for so long waiting to put them up, but avoiding any chance for disaster from the various workers. They now get to shine. Hope all is well.

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