Renovation Progress & Fumes

Tonight ended an arduous effort by the finish woodworker to rebuild the railing in the kitchen and then stain/varnish it. It was a tense proposition for him given how much work he put into the first one, only to have it ruined when it was stained by a painting crew…his commitment to do the staining/varnishing himself came back to haunt him a bit because he did not want to mess it up. And, we believe he didn’t. The process took several weeks to construct the railing and then to stain and varnish. The fumes alone would wipe me out every afternoon. Below are pics from various stages the last two days. In the end, it looks exceptional and uniform. 

railing-woodwork-staining-renovation-hoarding woes-SwittersBThe downstairs laundry room received several coats of paint, as did the downstairs bathroom thanks to my wife. The upstairs dining room received another coat of paint to touch up missed gaps here and there thanks to my brother-in-law. Yard work continues. Progress is being made! 

The basement stairs sealed off to avoid fumes and over spray. The previous ‘painters’ didn’t take the time to do this.
The refrigerator was unplugged and covered too. A running refrigerator can absorb the fumes into the food compartments and freezer.

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