Sneaky Bastards & An Update

A couple of things along he way: first, when you are having sales (garage/estate) it is not uncommon to offer a 50% day…usually the last day. Shoppers gather their merchandise and find a hidy hole to tuck it away from others and plan on coming back  the 50% off day to enjoy the windfall. This is sneaky, unethical and invasive. Normal perhaps but the sneaky aspect of it within the confines of the location is off putting to me. 

So yesterday, my wife was painting a laundry room cupboard that sets fairly high. You can’t see into the top shelf without a ladder or unless you are perhaps quite tall. There in the back corner was a cache of goodies someone was planning to return to get that discount. Now it is funny and almost enjoyable to find a few treasures amongst the jewelry. So each night, after the doors close, scour about a bit and look for such caches behind and under this and that. I guess it is the night before the 50% sale hope they come back or put the stuff out for someone else to get the 50% off price…would serve the sneaky bastards right!

hidden hoarding woes~

jewelry hoarding woes

On another note, the kitchen railing that was torn out is reconstructed by the original craftsman that built the first one. It looks beautiful. He is now sanding down the seams and glue spots and paying attention to detail. Additional door frames and floor moulding had to be removed and redone as well and he is in the process of doing that now. It is enjoyable to watch this process and see the kitchen finally come toward completion.

Electricians are back next week to finish several projects and to finally hang the MCM kitchen light fixtures. We have painted all the bedrooms, living room, dining room, laundry room, bathrooms and patio cover. When I say ‘we’ I mean my wife and brother-in-law. I helped her and there with undercoats, but I hate painting. I have set aside my ‘I don’t paint’ mantra to help out given the number of coats it has taken to cover some areas.

The yard is coming along nicely. Flowers pop out everyday. It is raining hard this morning. I was renting a trailer to get rid of more debris once and for all. It was be yet another long, wet slog up and down the drive way.


The upholsterer is coming by to look at 6 mid-century modern chairs. The fabrics are unique but very tired, soiled, abraded. Not sure what we will strive for here but we need to bite the bullet if we are going to retain these chairs now and use them. Maybe some can be refurbished, others will have to be recovered.

MCM chairThings are moving along at a nice clip. Save finishing the yard work, which won’t be done, in total, for some time, the priority has to be finish all the interior renovations, do a deep clean re all the dust and grit and then stare at a finished effort! Finished! I hope we stop and truly take in the finished effort before filling the place right back up with boxes. 


5 thoughts on “Sneaky Bastards & An Update

    1. Funny! And, yes, I think I would only be able to enjoy a very small slice…thus is schadenfreude! “Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth…” Oh lighten a bit!

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