Sanding & Finishing…………

and many other things as well. The floor finishers came in to the Project House today and took down the hardwoods in the Dining Room and the long neglected downstairs bedroom (the floor was never finished in 60+ years. A first coat was put on the floors and more to follow this week.

dining room floor sanded

With everything that has transpired with cabinet makers, plasters, painters it was an act of faith to arrive this morning and find the Dining Room floor’s finish gone.

IMG_2751xThe first coat back onto the floor in the Dining Room looks great. Another 1-2 coats are in order. This area sustained water damage and was the spot where my Aunt was buried beneath and avalanche of stuff for over 36 hours. She had stained the floor and I found her near death in a hypothermic state.  

IMG_2598xThe two support posts for the patio were suppose to stay sanded and untouched. Instead the painters, ever ready to ignore instructions applied a clear coat sealant to the posts. These are the same painters that repeatedly butchered the kitchen railing. So instead of waiting for them to return to sand down posts and paint them the appropriate colors, I intend to sand down the posts and to paint them. Same thing with the fascia boards and trim. They have been here twice more to touch up the house’s exterior and I have yet to see a bubble, over spray, drip corrected. We have been set back months by incompetent (pick the label for such people….worker doesn’t even fit). 

Meantime the man who did the beautiful work on the railing is coming back to tear it out. He concurs it cannot be salvaged. He will start from scratch and he will personally handle the staining of the railing, which needs to match the moulding, kitchen cabinets etc.

Also, the yard is coming under control…not sure if that is the best word…but, I am making progress in taming a good 50% of it so far. Fuchsias, Roses, Clematis are going into the ground. These were all saved from my parents hoarding house (my Mom’s in deference to my long departed Dad). 



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