Hunches, Inner Voice, Ignore At Your Own Risk

There is no need to go into a long story of what happens when people don’t pay attention to their suspicions and inner voice and supposed competent tradesmen rush and don’t pay attention to detail. Spray the shit out of something and hope for the best and when it is obviously messed up….spray it again hoping it will cover the original sins. 

The wooden railing, one of the hoped for center pieces in the renovated kitchen is being torn down. A honest master piece by the wood worker was butchered by ….I will spare you the adjectives so profane are they….or are they nouns. I can’t think straight. A butchered stain job compounded by lacquer. In the end, no one could deny they were ruined. The decision was made by me to take them completely out and start over. Another delay. More frustrations. The poor wood worker that did such a magnificent job to start with has agreed to start over. The butchers of stain will never step foot on our property again. The reeded glass partitions already measured and ordered may have to be remeasured and ordered! 




Months of anticipation butchered. Delays and hold ups on painting, wiring, the functioning kitchen interrupted. Attention to Detail. Rushing with spray guns and moving on. My contempt for poor management and oversight plus inept workers knows no boundaries. 


Meanwhile, despite the botched railing, the storm windows were installed today; the garden/yard is progressing nicely and the transplants are adjusting; furniture with a Mid-Century Modern flare was delivered today; the patio cover will take on a dash of color to meld with the wood tones; the walls and ceilings are receiving multiple coats of paint by US!

We found a great source for Mid-Century wall paper designs. We may just have to go for it on a wall here and there. Just a touch. 


6 thoughts on “Hunches, Inner Voice, Ignore At Your Own Risk

      1. momoftwo

        It’s going OK! I’m glad the wood craftsman will be doing the whole railing now… will be beautiful!

  1. annietiques

    I am so sorry that this has happened to your beautiful home…..thank goodness that you have the resources to complete a do over!! This is a constant worry in the field of renovations, just one or in your case two incompentent craftsman can cause havoc!!! Stay strong, this house is going to be stunning…..a true home for you and your beautiful wife!!

    Hang in there, it will soon be over!!!

  2. annietiques

    Is it possible to have the craftsman that designed and built the railings do the staining and finishiing????

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