Mid Century Modern Dream: Busy Update………

IMG_2643xJust an update for those that follow along….it has been busy at the project house with mostly great developments. Like the outside patio tile work by a lovely Russian couple, who also did the backsplash in the kitchen. You can tell their tastes are challenged by the color and splash of the kitchen effort and the outside patio work. Nonetheless they did a great job.

IMG_2641vThere has been roof work to repair a leak and flashing…interior staining of new woodwork (a not so good story)…texturing of interior walls by my bro-in-law Travis…clear coating of patio ceiling…removal of yard debris in a too small a drop box so more remains, but a dent was made…painting and more painting by my wife…and on it goes in a coming to conclusion, frantic pace.

IMG_2647The backyard soil is heavily compacted clay from years of compression beneath pallets of stuff beneath tarps. I have spent time turning the soil by hand and amending with sand and mulch over and over. Yesterday, I planted 9 roses and as many fuchsias. These are all plants that made their way from my parent’s hoarding house to our house…then transplanted into pots and transported to the project house. I lost very little in the process of all the disturbance (one rose and one fuchsia) out of 40 plant transfers. A backyard lawn needs to go in but that is a bit down on the priority list right now, but soon.

IMG_2634I had hoped this departing drop box might be the last of dozens and dozens of drop boxes that have ‘graced’ the end of the driveway. Not sure. Maybe one more or a big trailer from a friend to haul away the remaining pieces.





What is the old saying? something akin to ‘screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on me’ (I altered that of course, feel free to use it). The same sub that did the exterior painting and which still has numerous areas to correct, was brought in again by the contractor to do the all important wood work in the kitchen. The stairway woodwork was a masterpiece of effort by the woodworker. The interior staining crew came in and with a ‘new spray gun’ again did a less than stellar job. That is actually being kind. But, I am attempting to avoid profanity and negativity. Drip marks, patch jobs with the wrong colored putty, brush marks atop spray work. It has to be redone somehow to avoid this half assed, bullshit impression (oops!) to what should be perfection. 

I keep coming back to a lack of paying attention to detail. We have seen it with the plaster guys and we see it with the painters. They are all Mexican. Doesn’t matter. The carpenters are all Mexican yet do a stellar job. The tile crew was Russian. Yet somehow the details of the project and the oversight on the work in progress is missing! Attention to detail. Slow the hell down and clean up after yourselves! But on a more uplifting note:

IMG_2645mmDoesn’t this tile work just scream mid-century modern? My wife found it at a local tile shop (Pratt & Larsen) that has a closeout, discount section in back. What you see is all there is and if it suits you grab it and pay by the pound. These tiles were the last remnants of that design jumbled together in boxes tucked away. A great find!!! 

Ok more to do! The sun is out! Positive attitudes must prevail because there is a lot more to do. Most satisfying, beneath all the effort is the attempt to honor a couples original vision of their 1950’s home. Their California influences, brought up in the 1940’s , has been our compass course as much as possible. Yes we have deviated with stainless steel appliances and countertops that were not part of the era, but over all we are close enough to feel we are honoring their prior dream. The yard work is definitely in honoring them and my Mom & Dad. Feels good to be near bedrock and not just shuffling hoarding woes.


4 thoughts on “Mid Century Modern Dream: Busy Update………

  1. Bonnie

    I don’t know how you guys do it energy-wise……40 plants! What a great find with the tile. So sorry about the lousy stain people. : /

    1. We are staying optimistic. Energy wise? As I am sure you have done…it is burning the mental fuel because the body is almost done. We will have to truly rest for real and enjoy.

  2. annietiques

    Love, love, love the tile selections!!! So glad to see that the fireplace on the patio survived the remodel. Hang in there it is almost over……

    I do see a Candy Apple Red KitchenAid mixer in that kitchen!!

    1. Thanks Ann! Closer for sure. re the Candy Apple Red KA…I helped her lug a very heavy White one from an estate sale awhile back. That one may be tucked away though. It would be a classic touch! Hope you and Ken are well and enjoying the family.

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