Covered Patio Renovation

How I remember my Auntie’s covered patio, the tile floor, the brick fireplace, the geraniums in pots everywhere. Along the way she covered the original half wooden canopy with a monstrous aluminum cover and then of course filled it up to the bulging point enclosing the sides in with visqueen and tarped walls. Well the walls came down, the contents came out. The aluminum cover came off and regrettably the original wooden structure had to come off due to water damage…..evil water damage! We have saved much of the original wood beams for some purpose down the road…ooooh that is a lot like that hoarding gene isn’t it.

patio-almost-me 9-yo~



patio old cover

patio photography--remodel-home repair-renovation


-patio cover off


patio begin


patio house painted


Patio Cover Ceiling


patio ceiling


patio post MCM tiles

The Mid Century tile pieces around the base of the posts will offer a nice pop of color and MCM style to the beautiful cedar ceiling. A medium tone stain will to on the ceiling and the post will be painted a white. This will become a nice family/friends entertainment hub.


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