Busy Day…Fanciful Designs…Momentum

cottage 2 collagecottage kit collagecottage collage 3Today was a busy day at the project house. Last night, my son and I cut up scrap aluminum and filled a trailer. That was the remnants of the old patio cover we tore down and the ‘shed’ cover just off the patio. This helped open up some of the back yard, but another drop box…yes yet another drop box…will be needed for the mounting yard debris and landscape adjustments.

Back to today: carpenters in to work on the new patio cover. A ceiling was being installed. It was wired yesterday for lighting. The cedar T & G has nice knots in the design. Inside, the finish worker did a wonderful finish to the stairway railings and openings for reeded glass. The original sub-walls that were left after the wall’s exteriors were removed, were very crooked. So the finish carpenter did a great job working with those skews and built a beautiful set of railings. The backsplash was applied. A very fanciful design that challenges our traditional tile concepts. It is fun and adds to the wow factor of the kitchen. The HVAC guys will have to configure the air conditioning tomorrow…perfect timing given the temps will push 90 F tomorrow.

One of the nice dividends of all this renovation has been today’s skilled craftsmen/and women, recognize the unique quality and character of the original work. They offer unsolicited compliments. That is a nice tribute to the original craftsmen and to my uncle, who did large parts of the finish work.


2 thoughts on “Busy Day…Fanciful Designs…Momentum

  1. momoftwo

    Beautiful! I love the backsplash. The light fixture is great, too. Is that in the kitchen? This is a good time for lighting, lots of great fixtures to choose from. Thanks for the updates!

    1. Light fixture is in the back bedroom. The light fixtures for kitchen/stairwell are not up yet. Soon. Herding sub’s is like herding cats on meth. Some how it gets done…or at least they get there, but never quite finish…are off again to another waiting project only to be rounded up and back to our project…on and on it goes. Suddenly, some how, the project comes together. Kind of like a nice 7 course meal (small portions) over four months. Hope you are well.

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