Got You Covered……….Almost

 Changes…some difficult, but far less stressful than many of the decisions that have to be made with hoarding, family, dementia, hospice. We have been able to preserve some of the wood from the kitchen and the patio structure for possible future projects.

Changes are afoot…


The old patio structure was taken down…first the monstrous white aluminum roof and posts that formed the huge hoarding storage vault for decades…then the original structures framework which we have tried to save as much of the original wood as possible for other exterior ideas in the future.


The counter tops are going in too. Then the backsplash. The flooring will be completed this coming week. Monsoons have hindered or halted any exterior painting. A lot of interior painting remains for us to do. And, the yard waits for no one and does its thing.


2 thoughts on “Got You Covered……….Almost

  1. Amy Haney

    Looks good! Felix and Tilly would be so proud! Love how you are adding “new” where needed but not changing the look/appeal of the “original”. well done!!

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