The Hired Help: Attention to Detail

If you have followed along here at Hoarding Woes, of late, you know that the blog took a turn away from Elder Care, Dementia, Death and Hoarding toward Hoarding Cleanup and finally Hoarding House Renovations. It has been quite a journey thus far with highs and lows. Today we enjoyed a high. The kitchen cabinets, which had to be replaced (a low point on several levels) have been replaced and they look absolutely wonderful. The pictures don’t do them justice. The smell, the patterns, the details are wonderful and in keeping with our vision for the kitchen.

The “Project Manager” is quite pleased with the new cabinets.





IMG_2692Also, the week the house painters have been outside prepping the house for painting. Attention to detail has been a mixed bag. The exterior siding etc. had been easy to prep albeit they had to patch thousands of holes from the removal of the vinyl siding. The lesser degree of attention to detail had been around the window casings. Little if any scraping/sanding on what is blatantly obvious peeling paint. It has been raised several times yet today they were spraying primer over areas that still needed diligent scraping/sanding prep work. The Project Manager was, how shall I say it, well pissed off is the simplest, gentlest way to express it.

 So one joyous moment and a counter balancing lesser moment. I have come to see that with some sub’s you cannot turn your back on them. They are in a hurry, rarely supervise their crews, want down payments and talk bullshit when in your presence. Not ready for Renovation Woes, but know our dependence upon ourselves for so much is challenged by entrusting others to come through. The cabinet folks really did. The counter top guy was in this morning and verified his measurements and plans for next week.

But one small spot along the vulnerable sun side of the house that needs more attention to detail yet was already primed for painting. Dozens of such spots were found today and that old paint beneath the primer can be flicked off with a finger nail…..or scraper.

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