Hoarding Woes: Neglecting You & Your Routines

It occurred to me this weekend, as I cleaned up in our yard, that I had really let things go to a point that I obviously had been neglecting what use to be my pride and joy…my yard, my gardening. I mean I knew it was happening, but for the last several years the priority, the energy had gone in other directions and not our yard, or our house.

It is not just time allocations. It is the will, the energy to do something for yourself. Before you know it, things are accumulating, out of control inside and out and you begin to sense just how the hoarder slides into that slippery slope of ‘I will do it later’ or ‘I’m just too tired right now, maybe tomorrow.” Of course, one interruption after another intrudes and takes precedence and before you know it….there isn’t enough time allowable to catch up on what you have to do.

This weekend, as I dug, and pried, and raked and cut away over growth, I assessed what could I have done differently. I am not sure I could have done much more than I did. My/our personal life was on hold for quite a few years. It just was what it was and the main thing is seeing daylight again. Believing in rebirth, like Springtime and the chance to rebuild yet again.


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