Not to be coy…………..

But just a tease as things evolve over the next week or so…………







Cabinets delivered today and installed Monday. Counter top guy in Tuesday and install by him Tuesday after. Painting this weekend. Floors finished in next two weeks. Outside of house prepped today to repair a gazillion nail holes from removed vinyl siding, etc.  Momentum again. Such a sputtering process at times.


2 thoughts on “Not to be coy…………..

  1. Bonnie

    Very nice mid-century vibe with the cabinets! You dealt very practically with that original-cabinets-nightmare you had to endure. Bravo. You sure do have momentum now. Have you also saved accessories from the era while cleaning out the house that you can use in the kitchen? You may have told us but I can’t recall. I approve of what looks like (red) linoleum…..yellow would be a great accent color!

    1. Hello Bonnie……Yes we have saved many accessories for the home and kitchen, although we went for newer appliances and skipped the Retro look there. The floor will be predominantly red and the accent stripe will be a faint green (although the yellow would have been awesome too). The floor guy is in Thailand or the Philippines right now when/if he returns he will complete the floor’s touchy edges. We have left much of the accessories for later as part of an ongoing fun aspect to search for just the right piece(s) along the way to add here and there. Thanks for commenting and offering your support.

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