Follow Your Own Advice………….

new-direction-I have come to the conclusion that we have been through so much these past several years that the frustrations of roadblocks and avalanches, such as they have been thus far, don’t register long on the momentum meter for either my wife or me. Yes we grouse, swear a bit but then almost reflexively we plot a move as a whole and then break down the action steps to get there. It is actually surprising how it helps erase doubts, anger and confusion. The emotions surface but the reaction lessons the impact. No procrastinations, no insecurities, no sitting still right now.

Let me emphasize the reality for us anyway. Before, the hoarding cleanups we had the Team. It gave us strength and certainty to continue. Now we have a different Team and it too gives us certainty. To face any of these tasks alone will be paralyzing for all but the most self contained, unemotional person. We were, for example, going to do the Estate Sale by ourselves, alone without the Team. We became stalled out and paralyzed. We realized we need help. Do the same. Some how get help you can trust and lead or comfortably (trust) follow. Once we developed a new Team for the Estate Sale it flowed so much easier. Sometimes you have to, must call for help. If you are all alone and know you will be then I pray for your sanity and health if facing a major hoard.

So with our recent episodes of poor craftsman performance and the resultant negative fall out, we are ever stronger as a Team and have positive momentum even if our timeline has been pushed out a month and will ruin the original plans. Years ago we would have been spiraling inward and feeling defeated. Now we stand strong and easier absorb the hard knocks and jolts to plans. “Build upon your successes” was always a mantra I hammered into my kids during hard times. Serves us well now too.



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