A Sense of Style….but, from where?

The Hoarding House, beneath all the stuff, had a flavor of decor that was Mid-Century Modern and a bit of I don’t know how to label it…more frilly, crystal, lacy (my Mom’s style). For the most part the older pictures depict post war, early 50’s California styles and lines. Furniture and lamps and fabrics that clearly had a Mid-Century flair. 

den 50's

The above image is from the Den. A professional photographer was called in to photography the decor. We still have much of the furniture, accessories and one of the floor lamps.

So, what is happening through the renovation of the Project House is a decided bent toward Mid-Century restoration. It actually surprises my wife and I. We, at one time, poked a bit at the Brady Bunch, Jetsons, Cocktail Hour style. But something has happened along the way. Much like an adult awakens to the fact they may have assumed many of the traits of their parents, we seem to have become smitten with the MCM style. Not for the whole house at every place, but overwhelmingly the lights, the furniture, the flooring, the overall tone leans that way. 


This had become most evident with the aforementioned kitchen cabinets. Original plywood construction and a light stained color. Although we scraped the tile work those cabinets had to stay. The General Contractor suggested scraping them given their construction was so intact and solid that it would be a chore to modify them for the appliances. No we had to have them. Why? Because of the MCM appeal?


Well partly yes. And partly a sentimentality has crept in. They were the originals, they were part of the original vision or dream by Auntie and her husband. And, they were in pretty darn good shape having been buried and unused (even if full of MCM dinneware) for decades. No the sentimentality was a overiding factor. As my wife and I discussed having to tear them (the cabinets) out because the Artist had done so much damage to them, we actually recognized our emotional commitment to the space and its original designs.


Maybe this is what is sometimes at the core of the appreciation of a style. A throwback to something that pleases and only at a surface level do we know why. Well Mid-Century Modern styling is appealing because we have seen it and appreciated it in the Palm Springs area yes. Also, it is a throwback to an era we like.

But, perhaps mostly, it may well be a loyalty commitment to a lady and her husband that designed it all and had a sense of style they brought up from wartime California to Oregon and incorporated into a new home, in a new development in Portland. 

Checking out furniture designs. “OMG! Don’t you dare use that picture!!!”


One thought on “A Sense of Style….but, from where?

  1. Jenny Islander

    What I see in the photographs of the original interior isn’t just adherence to a style. The place was planned for comfort and utility as well as beauty: it’s a home, not just a house. No wonder it’s attractive!

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