Early Prepping & Maybe Some Daylight

photography-hoarding-prepper-food stash-swittersbYou may recall an earlier post in which Magpie Ethel (Laurie) and my wife found a mega stash of canning jars and plastic flowers beneath the house in a crawl space. But, we recently found some more stash under the house that I just have an inkling was a sign of early prepping and less hoarding.

Beneath the house were boxes of canned vegetables, many jars of cooking oil, large tins of fire retardant, and other sundries from the mid 1960’s.  Given how much other stuff my Auntie had stuffed away in every nook and cranny, it ran the spectrum. This stuff was decidedly different. Maybe I am off but it just had that look of hidden goods that a prepper of today might stash away.

Now re the Cabinets and the Artist fiasco. I did a little research for craftsmen that work on the same style of cabinets we have in the Project House. I found one, well credentialed and high end. We reached out and he was busy until the distant future. Plus he didn’t want to do a renovation, rather preferring to create from the ground up. But, he made a recommendation and that cabinet maker was there early this morning to review the project, the damages and the possibilities. He seemed to have an excellent grasp of the materials, the style, the errors and the fixes. Now we wait for his proposal and if we accept it the time lapse isn’t too bad. It was a good day.

photography-hoarding woes-renovation-swittersbphotography-hoarding woes-renovation2-swittersb

Holes, big holes are being patched by the plaster guys. Everything was protected by plastic sheeting and much was accomplished.

Paint samples in interior walls. A sense of momentum once again.


4 thoughts on “Early Prepping & Maybe Some Daylight

  1. annietiques

    I wonder if Auntie’s stockpile was a reaction to the ever increasing “cold war” and fear of nuclear war…..I remember my parents doing research in the late sixties for a bomb shelter that they were going to build into a hillside in our backyard, The details included lists of provisions and medical supplies that would be needed for an extended stay underground……..

    So glad to hear that there is positive news on the cabinet front!! I have run across a few “artists” in my career…….interestingly they all could do “anything”, “not a problem”, being the common thread!!! A true craftsman surveys his materials, skills, and the problem at hand before making a commitment.

    Don’t pay him!!! Your documentation will prevail in this case!!!

    1. So very true. A positive sign was the new guy took his time. He remarked about the existing cabinet doors at one spot being to large and that they would most likely scrape atop the microwave over time with sagging at the poorly installed hinges. He noted the opening the Artist created for the dishwasher is a 1/4″ too small and needs to be restructured with a simple change. He provided a solution to the epoxied, over cut doors and reeded glass fiasco. What amazed was his demeanor and honesty. We feel at his mercy time wise/project wise, but we didn’t get the sense he was using that. We shall see. And yes, nothing for the Artist. My wife, a rabid People’s Court fan at one point, feel confident she can win the case (just a bit of humor). Hope the snow drifts are subsiding. You are within a month!!!

  2. When I saw all those food tins/cooking oil etc in the crawl space I thought of the “be prepared” motto for some natural disaster or war time issue. Glad that crawl space is finally clear! Onward and upward with the cabinets and hope this new fellow works out. Totally enjoy seeing all the progress made at the house….

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