My Mom had a way of using her hands in a gesture while saying “nice” to describe something that was, to her, a perfect moment, object, presentation. Obviously, I wouldn’t have used “nice” to describe the cabinets the other day. But, I would use “nice” to describe the outcome of the meet between the General Contractor, the Cabinet maker and my wife.

I have been ill…some respiratory gunk exacerbated by my total neglect in not wearing a mask while sanding the fine grit off of walls and traipsing around in the Project House (used to be the Hoarding House) and enhaling the microscopic dust particles. Apparently fine for the workmen, but ol’ fuddy duddy here succumbs to some respiratory ailment.

Anyway, I digress. The meet went exceptionally well. Firmness, calmness, having a clear vision met the cabinet maker, who responded with regret, honesty, humility and a commitment to fix it no matter what. That was refreshing and there is optimism yet again!

May I just say the obvious, don’t sign up for any home show, free estimate from a gutter company. I signed up, but was not there when the guy arrived. My poor wife could not be certain whether I had signed up for a time share presentation, a financial investment assessment or the newest health elixir. The sales guy was so obnoxious, she made a point of calling me while I was “on my death bed” and saying “you owe me BIG!”.  Not a “nice” moment apparently.

marmo samples



2 thoughts on ““Nice”

  1. Bonnie

    Smart of you to change the reference from The Hoarding House to The Project House. A subtle change, but a big shift psychologically. : )

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