Change of Plans….Oh my

photography-renovation-kitchen floor-hoarding house-swittersb“Oh no, that new flooring cannot go down over the existing covering. That wouldn’t work.” We didn’t think we had picked anything unique with the floor, but the color we chose had to be shipped from Pennsylvania to Portland, rather than from Reno. It will take weeks thereby pushing things backwards.

IMG_0829-1The flooring shock is a messy reality. The counter tops on the left have been split apart 24″ and the peninsula moved toward a new, smaller window.


Some new cabinets needed to be made and much of the wood came from cabinets that were removed to make room for the stove and refrigerator in a new configuration so as to not block the entry door into the kitchen off the dining room. The stove will go in straight ahead with a microwave/vent fan above. 

Messy as it seems, I think you will be pleasantly surprised along about Mid-April or so. The adage of Rome wasn’t built in a day must have come from General Contractors pulling their hair out.



4 thoughts on “Change of Plans….Oh my

  1. Jenny Islander

    IIRC the original contractors for the Rome project had a homicidal breakup . . . so, you know, you’re one up on them! 🙂

  2. momoftwo

    This is great. What fun to follow along this path of renewal with you now, after the long, arduous cleanup. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

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