Herding Cats…Thank Goodness for the Chief Herder

Nothing shows how burned out we are but imagining juggling all the sub-contractors that need to perform varied tasks at the Hoarding House. It would be beyond us at this point. We have been working with a General Contractor (GC) and thank goodness for that. His efforts are akin to Herding Cats!


This guy forgets about appointments…that guy needs to be partially paid up front…the other guy has been sick for quite awhile…oh and this guy had to leave town for awhile…these guys are excellent but cannot get things done until the less than stellar guys get it together. On and on it goes and thank goodness the GC is there to chase all this down each day! 

Decisions are plentiful as it is and we are doing plenty of our own tasks to save money and expedite the process. 

Last night we had an opportunity to tour one of the sub’s own home…a very vintage Mid-Century Modern home with almost all the original fixtures and such from 65 years ago. This young man’s zeal for his craft was apparent and he was excited for the possibilities of configuring a Mid-Century floor design. Things are progressing as the Cats are Herded toward the Hoarding House to complete there interdependent tasks.

floorA similar floor design but different colors are being considered.


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