Recap the crap

I told some workmen I would post a few pics here of the driveway and pathway between the patio/carport that leads to the backyard. I also through in the kitchen and the hallway near the bathroom. Most of these have been posted before, so if you have seen these before I apologize for the repeats….

aerial-prop-labeled-26-pmTo recall for anyone new to Hoarding Woes & You: in the aerial image of the Hoarding House, you can see the driveway is full, the carpost/garage/shop were full, the patio was jammed floor to ceiling, the large shed was full, the back yard and pathways was full beneath tarps. The house was jammed full in every room (main floor and full basement). The front yard was not cluttered and remained somewhat maintained over the years. 









hoarding woes & you
cover over patio removed…
hoarding woes and you
back yard with patio cover stacked up…the shed cover will be dismantled soon too

3 thoughts on “Recap the crap

  1. annietiques

    The photo of the kitchen ALWAYS breaks my heart…I think of your tiny little Aunt, and wonder how on earth she survived amidst that chaos. The sea of blue tarps must have been an overwhelming sight, and then to discover the layer after layer after layer!! So glad to see the wonderful path of progress that the house is taking!!

    Those of us who have followed along, know the toll it has taken upon your body & soul. Unimaginable…

    1. Thank you Anne!!!! But, equally important….we pray you and yours are surviving the Winter roller coaster you have had this year!!! Dare I say, about 6 more weeks to paradise for you!

      1. annietiques

        Yes!! Six more weeks to paradise!!! Can’t wait to see my beautiful desert retreat and all the cactus blooms…..and all the interesting people and places…and most of all the “smell” of the desert…..I just love it!!

        It has been a harsh, cold, unrelenting winter!!!

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