Incremental Steps toward Mid Century Modernism

How the patio seemed so long ago.
patio cover off
Patio cover totally off.
kitchen sink
Everything but the kitchen sink.
Stairs before removal of wall.
wall down2
Hall above stairs, the wall cut down and area opened up.
wall down
Wall, then studs cut out and partitions inserted pending lower wall work.

With the logistics of any project dependent upon coordinating the various trades that may have work to do, progress is somewhat stilted along the way as each trade completes projects often needed by waiting tradesmen so they can complete their project. Factor in Winter weather and things start falling behind.

What can get done, is done but the hurry up to only wait part is probably more frustrating for the General Contractor than for us. Each day something gets done. Progress comes in spurts and sometimes it is a whoa moment. Like when the entire patio cover came off, or walls disappear. All progress and so far so good.


4 thoughts on “Incremental Steps toward Mid Century Modernism

  1. Removing the tops of those two walls makes the space look much larger – lighter and brighter for certain. That’s a clever idea.
    Have you found any pleasant surprises during these renos? Or less than pleasant?

    1. Less than pleasant outside with dry rot beneath the vinyl siding, but really not too much. Inside not at all. Soundly built and few “why did they do that” discoveries. Stay tuned and thanks for visiting.

  2. Jenny Islander

    Hey, I just spotted the outdoor fireplace! For some reason I had been seeing that chimney as a structural/decorative column or a brick accent. I like the design. You’re tucked in a corner, out of the wind (if it’s from the right quarter), with a fireplace at hand. Add a folding wall or movable screen or something and you have an outdoor room that you can use even in the gray months–or maybe especially in the gray months, what with the mosquitoes the rest of the year!

    Here’s to walking barefoot on sun-warmed brick next summer.

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