Back In Time: Moving back before the hoarding………

hole in wall

When the holes are drilled and the plaster dust coats the floors and much of everything else…when wires dangle from holes in the ceiling…when drills, saws, and hammers simultaneously make their noise then you know change is in the wind.


party room lights

Lighting, safe wiring and decayed wood are addressed. Many questions along the way and there is an appreciation by all the tradesmen for what was and what is being maintained too. Mid-Century Modern is emerging…well will emerge in some portions and other areas will be a blend of contemporary and the past.

Colors, textures, patterns all from an era long ago…what would my Aunt like, what would my Mom like, hell what do we like. Somehow there is a blend that is not unpleasant so far. Mostly it is just trying to fix what was there and long smothered.

-Vintage Basement Kit
Perhaps you recall the quaint setting….
Damaged window casings unfortunately require the replacement of the windows.

The process has helped in a couple of ways. It has helped distance us from the past re hoarding and elder care for now. It has also taken us back in time before the hoarding to what was re life style, design and intent. It helps us see the two ladies in a more forgiving way and stands in sharp contrast to whom they became later once the hoarding bug bit. We are lucky we can do this, we understand many hoarders didn’t have such fortunate underpinnings before the fall.



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