Pulling Wire…All the Groundwork

Not much to visually report. The crew is in revamping outlets, testing the system, installing new outlets in a few places, relocating/pulling wire to new locations. Tedious work but the foundation for lighting, new systems etc. Gas work and plumbing is next. So those initial images of removed walls are still pretty much as they were, for now, until the wiring reconfiguration is completed.

Refrig Size Space Size
the realities of the fit
back yd empty
This is an older pic, but the backyard is being seriously thinned out so the vacuum is filled once again with piles of cuttings and stumps. Old growth, ornamental trees and a few shrubs remain.

The search for this and that, is focused upon the Mid-Century modern theme. Fortunately, there seems to be a section where ever you go that plays to this theme. Found this site: Houzz. It is helpful too.


5 thoughts on “Pulling Wire…All the Groundwork

  1. momoftwo

    Gary, I use Houzz all the time! It’s great. I’ve had help there redecorating my living room and bedroom. If you do a Design Dilemma for help, please notifiy us here so we can follow along!!

  2. Bonnie

    It looks like the height below the cabinets is a full inch off on a relatively small span, and that reminds me of when I was a kid, hearing my father saying “Bonnie, never buy an old house!” because everything had to be custom made. We’ve had two houses and they’ve both been new…..but I sure do appreciate the personality and soul of an older home. Thanks for posting. : )

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