Hoarding Woes Update: Renewal & Strip the Wallpaper

I thought I would take a few minutes to update those that followed along the way…just in case you were wondering:

First, an enormous burden had been lifted from our minds with the completion of the cleanup at the Hoarding House. Secondly, we feel healthier and more alive. The past trudge through all manner of stressful events took a toll on us, there is no denying that. But, to the degree we can recenter and renew, we are now in the process of healing.

We have hired a General Contractor to come in and assess the needs for a makeover at the Hoarding House. Our intent is to maintain the Mid Century style and honor the taste of my Aunt and her husband. We like this style so, with in reason, we want to adopt it and enjoy the style. It is comfortable and it takes the mind back to how much they must have enjoyed their home.

Also, if you would like to comment re previous posts, feel free and I will get back to you eventually.

BackBR with PaperMary Jo wasted no time in removing the drapes, valances and the wall paper. No offense Auntie.

Back Bedroom Paper OffOnce wiring updates are completed, the color pallets cannot be far behind. Actually, I fully expect to see assorted color blotches of paint upon the wall in short order. No Pink, Rose or Mauve please!


9 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes Update: Renewal & Strip the Wallpaper

  1. Joy

    Thanks for sharing these pictures. It will be fun to see the entire evolution of the house from your entry to a clean remodel. Your Auntie (and mom) would both be so excited to see it! Tell MJ “good job!” She must be sore from all that work.

  2. Momoftwo

    Yay, how exciting! Thanks for the update and please continue to update us on your progress!! I didn’t end up coming to Portland this fall, I hurt my back and I was just not ready for that flight, and possibly making it worse!

  3. Tish

    Wallpaper removal is no fun, we had to do several rooms ourselves. Looks great! Good luck picking new paint colors, we’re still deciding. 🙂

  4. annietiques

    Way to go Mary Jo!!!! This is the one element which I felt strongly does not go with the vibe of the “cottage”. It is going to be so much fun to put your own mark on this home and make it your own!!! It has such wonderful potential………

  5. Jenny Islander

    I have a question about your mother’s and/or aunt’s estates. If this is a touchy subject please feel free to ignore me.

    Were you required under state law to inventory personal property while closing either estate? If so, how did the hoards complicate this process? Could you just give the courts a ballpark estimate, or was there more documentation required? And was there a problem with your liquidating assets (holding sales) before closing–did the court understand right away that this was necessary in order to have more work space for clearing out either home, or did you have to hire an attorney?

    1. Sorry, I didn’t see your comment sooner. We did not sell property until after the passing of my Mom and Aunt. We were careful to slow down and be mindful. So, when we did start selling stuff, those items were, by bequeathments, under our control and the documentation was not necessary as it might be under different circumstances. If the situation had been different…selling it all to create pool of funds to be divided, then I would think specifics would be needed, much like we saw the Estate Sale crew we hired did..very precise documentation.

      One thing we did do, which in retrospect may have crossed the line, was prior to my Aunt’s death and while she was in hospice/out of the home, we commenced several cleanups in the yard (we didn’t touch the interior). During those cleanups we discarded some items that perhaps could have been salvaged but we tossed them anyway. And, we moved the property about, like emptying out the storage locker and moving the property to the hoarding house. Those were decisions I made and perhaps some items were discarded that someone else may have kept. Beyond that the Trust (a Will would be different on obligations/timeline) provided the guidelines that we adhered to before and after my Aunt’s passing. My Aunt’s attorney was my guide in this matter. He faithfully represented her after her death and provided me constant reminders of what reporting I had to provide re finances, paying out the portions of the estate to family members, etc. I never hired an attorney and no one within the family contested my role or actions so I was lucky. Had I started selling off items prior to her death, then I believe I would have been overstepping my role as Trustee. It is uncharted territory for most of us, and having a written list of legal duties is very helpful. I hope this helps a little bit.

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