Hoarding Woes: Wednesday Night Next


This coming Wednesday a big truck and crew are arriving to buy up all the remaining items of worth. It will take them hours to process all the items into their containers and into the truck. If by chance there is anything left of value, it will be donated.


This will mark an end to a life’s passage for my wife, family, neighbors, friends and me. The psychological and physical toll has been real. I could say enormous, but it varies from person to person. For most, it makes them turn away mentally. There is a powerful consensus that none of us ever want to deal with this again.


For some of us, the price will be enormous indeed. It has changed, perhaps permanently, health (physical and mental), relationships and life’s pathways.


Two little ladies with troubles, obsessions, pains spent a small fortune on the good, the bad, the ugly. They went to their graves unfulfilled and lonely…albeit while they took their final breaths of life they were in the presence of love and respect.


We will never be the same. But, we will have a sense of understanding, compassion, wisdom and reality in dealing with a hoarder. We will have a sense of pride, respect and accomplishment as family and friends in what we were able to do over the long distance of this journey.


There is no euphoria right now. Maybe later? We have been robbed of that by circumstances. Our efforts to draw positive direction and inspiration from this conclusion are muted by internal and external struggles. As we head into Fall and Winter, I pray we can regroup and see the light.

xthumb_gates moon_1024

A legacy, that started well long ago awaits us to bring it out of the darker times and into its full potential…of what should have been, and can be.

Attacking a hoarding home is more than muscle, logistics and determination. It is a true test of your self discipline going in; of your self awareness going in; of your beliefs and how you adjust to challenges that are built to defeat you.

As your head swirls at the thought of how to move forward in the whole hoarding cleanup, or the dementia ordeal or the hospice ordeal or the grieving ordeal…avail yourself of all the wisdom out there and feel the positive energy of those that come and go in your life that lend a hand, give a word of support and listen to your stories of frustration.

xthumb_morning rose swittersb_1024

To all that have read along here for the past few years, we sincerely cannot thank you enough for the overwhelming support and love.

Now let’s see what Wednesday night brings………………………

Sunset XMas SB



4 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes: Wednesday Night Next

  1. annietiques

    Have you ever considered turning this blog into a book???? It’s all there; the heartache, the dirt, the dumpsters; preparation and work details for those who face this task in the future. Most importantly is the love and respect you have consistently shown in regards to your Mom & Auntie.

    I have loved reading this blog and wondered how on earth you have managed to plow on thru…..gave me the jumpstart to downsize all the “stuff” that one acquires thru the normal course of life. Now nothing gives me more pleasure that driving up to my local goodwill with a trunk full of “stuff’ to donate. None of it is ever missed!!! It is really is an eye opener when you consider… What are you really leaving to your children? For me it will not be “stuff”!! A few well chosen pieces……and the love and respect I have for them.

    So glad this chapter is almost over for you and your wife!!! Now go have some fun!!! (In the Hi-Desert in April??)

  2. Tish

    Wow, what a journey you all have been through. I’m sure the elation and relief will come in some time… now you are just dealing with the exhaustion and the “finally” portion. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. You and the team have a lot to be proud of, be sure to celebrate once you’ve regained some energy! 🙂

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