Hoarding Woes: Scale & Perspective

If you have followed along these last few years, you know the magnitude of what we had first at my Mom’s hoarding house and then at my Aunt’s hoarding house. I have remarked that it isn’t easy to stay in touch with where you have been and it is even harder to see where you are going.

We just finished an enormously successful estate sale. That is measured not just in the final dollars earned but in a sense of what was sold and what is left after the sale. In all the prior sales (Yard/Garage sales) thousands upon thousands of items were sold. I say that often and I am not exaggerating. 

In the estate sale that just concluded, again thousands of items were sold. So what is left? Clean rooms yet? No. But note this, as I do to keep a perspective on what has happened and what needs to happen…we now possess less than (1 %) of what was….look at the pictures of the remaining property and realize what was sold, donated, trashed etc. and we now possess well less than 1% of what was.

HH1 after

HH3 After


HH4 After

HH5 After

HH7 After

HH8 After

HH9 After

HH10 After







In some places there is beautiful, new space…not seen in decades. In other areas, the stuff has been consolidated and yet in others it looks like no one came and took away…yet they did. So what remains has to go. Thrift shops were given the call this past weekend, yet few came. Those that did ‘scored’. Those that didn’t we understand. Buyers will come this week and truly score. Our success will be measured in space, freedom and finality.

I do hope at some point to show the home in an empty state. I hope to maybe, maybe not, write what it all meant and will mean. Then I will be done with this stage in our life. The lessons drawn will probably come into view even years from now. 


4 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes: Scale & Perspective

    1. Yes it probably seems anti-climactic to most…without having seen the worst. Such a shame she didn’t get to enjoy the beauty for the last 35+ years of her life. I soooooo enjoy the open space!!!

  1. I remember my mother talking about her dream house when I was a kid – the one they never built because of a lack of will (nothing gets finished) and money (it was spent on other things). I often wonder what my life and theirs would have been like then if they had gotten it together long enough to complete the project. But I don’t really believe that it would have stopped her from hoarding, and she wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the beauty either. You are very fortunate that the house seems to have come out of this in good shape, considering the volume of items and the opportunities for damage to go unnoticed/unfixed.

    1. What if’s seem to always intrude don’t they. It is fortunate re damage. My Mom’s house had terrible damage. Water/moisture is the ultimate culprit. There was less water in my Aunt’s home. Outside that is another matter.

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