Hoarding Woes: As in life & death, as in a hoard?

keep looking mom's writingMy Mom’s writing on a sign we found at my Auntie’s hoarding home. They use to run a lot of sales at one point, until the sales gave way to more buying then selling and eventually no sales took place, but the buying continued.

I am reminded of a personal story. I can tell it now. Not enough specifics to cause troubles but enough that you get the idea…here it goes:

A body was found in a nearby river, minus the head. Trussed up like a turkey to a heavy piece of iron, the headless body sat in the river for sometime before the eventuallylow water made the sighting more obvious.

Later a man, overcome with remorse and thinking the sharing of this detail would somehow ingratiate him to a lonely, older woman, confided in her that he had killed a man at his home…he had cut the head off in a dirt floored basement; then chopped the head into pieces and flushed it piece by piece down the toilet. His wife was out of town at the time.

The woman eventually confided in authorities. A search warrant was obtained for the story teller’s home….a massive, inside and outside hoarding home. So bad was the hoard that the man and his wife now lived in a trailer on the property as they could not get into the home.

Days were spent getting to the dirt floored basement and days more emptying the basement. Days were spent getting a suctioning truck into position to suction out the septic system then remove the contents to an offsite with many large screens to search through the shit and stuff to look for skull fragments.

The man neither confirmed nor denied his story told to the  woman. The skull fragments were never found in the septic system. Soil samples eventually taken from the basement were inconclusive for human blood. The chopping block in the back yard off the back porch was inconclusive for human blood as were the eleven axes setting rusting and corroded by the chopping block.

Due diligence was paid to search the yard & the house….but in the end…dozens of people wore out from the overwhelming endeavor and they retreated with out finding what they came for. The Hoarding House won in that instance. I will always wonder if he we again confess on his death bed or to another attractive, lonely woman? Unlikely.

Maybe “eventually” someone will find what they are looking for? You haven’t seen that one on any CSI. 


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