The Aftermath: A Pile Here and There………..

mole hillsThe last few days and several ahead of us are dedicated to selling off parcels of the remaining stuff to individuals that want certain pieces (lamp parts, clothing, glassware etc.) There are piles here and there…that look of disarray after moving…or after a sale. But less mole hills than there could be!

We have been reaching out to various thrift stores to come scarf up the remnants. We shall see what comes of that. In the end, donations will play a part too in emptying out the Hoarding House.

The pressure has been greatly reduced. The remaining stuff is miniscule by comparison to the past. There is no sense of urgency at this point. I have a desire to do yard work and general cleanup. Of course, I do have a lot of canning jars to pull out from the crawl space. I am a bit antsy to get things to where I can photograph the house in its empty state and perhaps compare to its old state.

mole hill 2
Of course, it could be way worse!


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