Wham, Bam, Thank You Mam!

When we had our garage sales, we were darn happy if we had 20 people on site at any given moment. I have to say I had never experienced anything like the Estate Sale we just had. At any given moment there was often 40+ people in the check out line alone. Hundreds more came and came all day long. Parking was often blocks away and people hiked in. I know that because I carried heavy bundles back to their cars in the down pour. The weather did not detour these people one bit.

The Team from FamilyAffairPDX ran the Estate Sale Operation. They were extraordinary from beginning to end. They staged and ran the sale with precision and what was very impressive is they did it with humor, smiles and professionalism that made attendees happy and patient in the process.

line ES3

With the Estate Sale Team calling out pricing, calculations and transactions taking place and others wrapping/packaging the ‘merchandise’ the process moved amazingly well inside as well as outside in the rain. I truly cannot express enough gratitude to their professionalism and tenacity to see this through. It was a pleasure to be active participants in the set up process and sale days.

So how much is left? I would guesstimate that only <5% of the property is left at this point for further disposal.

So what have we taken away from this process? As I have written before, we stalled out on the estate sale set up last Winter. It was never evident to us why we were foot dragging on the set up. We were out buying tables and display bookcases for the set up, but we never quite arrived at the  point of setting up tables and shelving and starting the process.

I believe we internally ran into a mental wall re research/pricing that brought us to a halt. As if we were blind folded and clueless as to where we were. We stayed there. The expertise these particular estate sale planners brought in was their ability to quickly and nicely set every thing up and then even more importantly they knew how to price it for the area so that it would sell and still make a decent profit. We maybe could have done an adequate job at the set up…but we never would have arrived at the correct pricing without lots of research and visiting estate sales into the sunset.

The other noteworthy point is this particular company has name recognition to the max. We didn’t necessarily understand that at first, but it was very evident that when they run an estate sale people that buy will be there. We were blessed by the responses and again the professionalism of the sale.

Emotionally it was at times hard to watch some of the treasures go out the door. They were a sign of our Auntie’s classiness and heart. They weren’t necessarily going out the door with new owners but rather with transitional owners planning on reselling. Yes, it is part of the process, but that business reality aside, it was sometimes hard to feel the sentimental clash with the harder reality.

But there were other blessings that offset the business energy: numerous people remarked how beautiful the home is; remarked what beautiful pieces our Aunt had owned; remarked what a beautiful estate sale it was; remarked that they had never attended such a wonderful estate sale.

It was a remarkable experience and we are so happy we had the mental focus to seek help. It turned out well!!!

tillie hat

This beautiful photo of our Auntie from long ago was setting up on the fireplace mantel during the sale. It was a very lovely presence that was not lost on the attendees as they were checking out they looked up at this lovely lady. We want to believe this lovely girl was looking down with approval for the appreciation of her treasures. 

The hoarding house is now a messy house…the remnants of the hoard are strewn about…much like that last untidy look when one moves…the last pieces of stuff here and there. Are the Hoarding Woes gone? Yes, almost, as far as the stuff. The residual mental/physical damage remains to be seen. 

The cleanup will continue this week and I will be so pleased to photograph an empty Hoarding House very soon.


4 thoughts on “Wham, Bam, Thank You Mam!

  1. Carol Horner

    I found your “Hoarding Woes” a few months ago and went back and read from the very beginning. It has been QUITE a process and as you said recently it’s the kind of thing you may only learn and then not have to do again. But you have helped and entertained many people who found the realtime ongoing saga of your aunt and her health woes as they were occurring very heartwarming. You truly gave of yourself and you and your wife and family and helpers are all to be commended.

    I am glad the estate sale went well and you garnered so many positive compliments on the house and the merchandise and that you also were so unstinting with your praise of the planners.

    Well done everyone! And I hope you have the energy to finish the cleanup and do not experience too much of a let-down now that this process which has consumed so much of your life for so long will not require your attention. You may have a kind of an “empty hoard syndrome,” but I wish you well in whatever paths your life now takes.

    Thank you,


    1. Thank you Carol for the very thoughtful comments! Yes, and empty hoard syndrome….Lord have mercy I hope not! But, that ‘now what’ feeling is kind of there, much like empty nest too…which we are experiencing as well. I do think we will have new goals and we will see how we move toward them. Thanks again for taking the time to go back and read forward.

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