The world by the tail………….

1 Aunt and PursesIf you have followed along from the beginnings of Hoarding Woes you have seen glimpses of the hoarding mess that had beset my Mom and then my Aunt. As we removed layers and layers of hoarded stuff we started to see a different type of stuff emerge beneath all the layers. Nicer stuff that was far more classy and valuable.

How in the heck did this shy, quiet lady learn about all these valuable items and acquire them. Obviously she and my mom hit the roads relentlessly for years, but they didn’t attend many estate sales. Their intent was to hit garage sales, to buy cheap and resell for profit…over and over. That is partly where the hoarding started…with good intentions but the buying outstripped the selling.

But, more interestingly, how did she learn about all the glassware, ceramics, artwork, etc. The old fashioned way I suppose. No computer, no resources to explore beyond face to face contacts and observing. Yet the shy little gal learned lots and it was so evident to all the collectors that attended the estate sale. 

What is regretful is we never got to discuss this with her. We couldn’t see these treasures beneath the stacks. How nice it would have been to learn how she discovered this and that and see if she still recalled what she had learned and how she did it. It may have eventually been impossible beneath the dementia. But, there is a whole dimension to her that harkens back to my very young days when my Auntie was ever so put together and seemed to have the world by the tail. I think she momentarily did…………

2 aunt happy 2


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