Hoarding Woes: To the wire…………..

Price guns were blazing all night long…all night…until 0858 hrs. Everything was staged and waiting. The weather was a chilly 49 degrees and the rain is waiting off the coast until this afternoon. The initial crowd gathered in front and were assigned their place in the line from the sign up sheet. About 150 were there early. The street was lined with cars out of the neighborhood and more coming. Positive start.

There hall waits in anticipation of the pawing, unfolding hoard.
I remember 57+ years ago visiting my Auntie in this downstairs kitchen. I recall the novel stove/refrigerator. I had never seen quart bottles of 7UP…my parents bought the then five cents bottles of Cragmont. It was a treat. Everything seemed ever so much more classy than I was use to. This was the Aunt that had it all…then & now.

buildup entryline forming


5 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes: To the wire…………..

  1. I love the size of that crowd! I hope you sell all the things set out there. It looks amazing! I noticed the old cookware in the kitchen looks like some my mom always had. It is in her kitchen still and someday soon I will be selling that. As soon as the hoarder moves out! That is a story for another day. I have been so impressed with hour progress since I started following your blog!

  2. Jenny Islander

    I am willing to bet that somebody wants to buy that awesome kitchen range! People who are sick of the whole “huge professional restaurant” look design kitchens around pieces like that these days.

    1. You are right…we will hold onto it for a bit, but last Summer I promised to a lady and her husband that live nearby. Funny you write that as I was just thinking this morning I need to call her and reassure her that it has her name on it.

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