Hoarding Woes: Perfect Blend

noritakeThe days have passed by as the Estate Sale Planners do their magically, amazing preparations. Could we have done this same preparations? On some levels maybe (outside, the stuff we staged for all the garage sales…the lesser stuff), but inside the staging is much more sophisticated and pleasant than we would have imagined. Had we been around this type of effort before we might have had a better vision. But we hadn’t and now things are being set up in a perfect visual blending of vignettes.

Now setting it up is one  thing. Pricing and itemizing the thousands of items is a whole other level. This is the mental point that stalled us out in advance of even trying. Years of experience are evident with our planners. And, what they are unsure about they bring in others with that expertise to give advice on the best pricing. All this happens within minutes to hours where as we would have probably muddled through this for days or weeks..to arrive at that information. 

Please don’t think I have anything but enormous pride in our Team, my wife especially, but this is all a learning curve. And, now that we know it….I pray to God we have little if any need for these skills in the future 🙂 !


2 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes: Perfect Blend

  1. What you and your team did in the early stages was very important in the overall project. Realistically, I’m certain an estate sale planner would have told you to do exactly what you did: clean out the unsaleable items, sell or donate the less valuable items, and remove the items you want to keep. You’ve brought in the pros at the right point, in my opinion.

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