Hoarding Woes: Motivation Challenged; Call the Guy!

staged upstairs brBy now, if you have followed along over the years or so, you know we have hit the wall several times while cleaning up the two hoarding houses and yards and storage locker. Factor in the care of the two hoarders through their hospice ordeals and our own personal health struggles and it has become apparent that we had to seek outside help.

At this point, this had been such a wise decision. Probably several of you have offered or thought ‘why don’t they just hire someone?’. The factors of personal tenacity, pride, loyalties, a challenge, sentimentality, money/finances/debts, mental fog all factored into our decision making drag.

I recall an episode of Two and a Half Men, that has become an inside joke in our family, where Alan insists on climbing atop the roof to fix the satellite dish rather than ‘call the guy’ as Charlie would have done sooner than Alan (Alan falls off the roof). So, we eventually did get around to calling the gals (and the guys) in this instance and it has been a wise decision.

While we strived to muster the motivation to drive to the hoarding house once again and stare at the piles and move this here or there (well it wasn’t that bad really, but I use it for dramatic impact 🙂 ) the Estate Planning Team now is highly motivated by their business and the opportunities it presents them.

Yes, motivators lie beneath the surface for us as well like our future, our opportunities and plans. And, we are seeing those ever more clearly now that we have professional help. This crew works tirelessly and then leaves to look at other sale opportunities in the future. Success breeding success. They are riding their speeding train and enjoying it. We are fortunate to have connected with them at this stage of our lives. 

What is amazing to us is that there was still so much stuff to stage. Many, many items we have never seen before. Even after selling off tens of thousands of items in all those sales, donating numerous loads, numerous drop boxes and what we thought was a pretty thorough search of the premises….there is still a ton of stuff to stage and price. 

The enormous advantage here is the crew really knows how to price many items we would have been forever bogged down in eBay or Etsy etc. researching and noting. There are days of pricing left but the set up looks marvelous!!!!

kitchen stagedThe impact in one week is mind blowing. Room after room is staged and beautifully displayed.


4 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes: Motivation Challenged; Call the Guy!

  1. kjnemaric

    This is like watching multiple seasons of a television series… and the time has come for the series finale. There’s that sense of excitement and anticipation, and wondering what it will be like when it’s all over. We all look forward to the culmination of all this hard work and beyond. Can’t wait to see how the sale goes!

    1. Ha! Well thank you. It is kind of like that. Even we are excited to see how this plays out. What is pleasant underneath all this is that we know my Auntie and my Mom would have been so excited and pleased with this effort…if they could have made the mental adjustment to let go of the stuff. At one time they would have been fully in sync with this effort…later the stuff provided some sort of comfort that they needed to survive day to day. Thanks for commenting.

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