Vision + Execution: Experience Helps!

Oh I think we had the vision, but assembling it all in a meaningful way has eluded us. So, as you know after a long arduous road over several years, we decided to ask for help outside of the traditional Team we had assembled. Professional assistance was found and secured to stage this final step in our progression from hoarding disaster to an empty home.

It has been an impressive burst of expertise upon the scene. Rapid deployment. Purposeful movements that have been done hundreds of times over several decades shows. They have worked past the stumbling and feeling the way. It is nice for us and we are enjoying the process. Amazingly, you would think we had seen and touched every item in this hoarding home yet the crew pulls out item after item we some how never saw before.

shoestable clothessuitcasespursesIt is all highly organized inside and out. It is reassuring to see a probable ending to this whole process after two hoarding houses and years of toil. There are many lessons out of this whole journey. Lessons that relate to the body, the mind, even the soul.


2 thoughts on “Vision + Execution: Experience Helps!

  1. annietiques

    Wouldn’t your Auntie love all these beautiful displays???? Love the technique they use for displaying the shoes!!! Are those ALL tablecoths hanging on the round display??

    Wishing you all great weather and tons of traffic!!!!

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