I Think I Can, I Think I Can

lil engineDay by day, we make room to make the job more expeditious for the estate sale planners when they hit the door this week. The driveway, the vacuum that is periodically filled, is once again filling up with debris. There is a sense of urgency, but positive in nature. A good thing!

There is an underlying truism that I want you to take to heart. If you enter into cleaning up a true hoarding house….and your own life is in disarray (health, relationships, money, work, your own collecting, etc.) you are going to, you will, run into a brick wall at some point. And, you may not survive that impact. All your own baggage will come down upon you. The combination of the hoard and the psychological/physical toll it will take upon you will join with your own personal chaos and the outcome can be disastrous.

At any rate, we now strive to keep End Goals in sight and have the Action Steps to get there clearly and repetitively shared between us. Some Team members have come in and out of the mix to help of late and that has really helped. The end is near, at least this part of the journey that may most interest you. I Think We Can…….Pretty Darn Certain We Will!


4 thoughts on “I Think I Can, I Think I Can

  1. There really is an end in sight for you now. it must be getting to the point where every time you remove debris/items the difference would be noticeable (compared to when you first started). Good luck this week.

    1. Jenny Islander

      Yeah, I bet there was a point there where you could have cheerfully rented the neighbor’s yard as a staging area just so you could see what you were doing.

      You’ve cleared out the contents of two not-exactly-tiny houses and how many storage sheds? The amount of work you and your crew got through before calling in the estate sales teams is just staggering.

      1. Jenny you hit upon a most telling point….having room to turn this way and that to make out what in the heck you have and what are you planning to do with it! It is a constant…like chasing your tail. Very mentally exhausting. Thank you!

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