Feeling Our Way………….

Life Interruptus: For our family, a lot of celebratory events take place in June and September. On top of that, end of Summer events and other family’s celebrations seem to arrive this time of year. Obligations  And, we spent the weekend moving our daughter yet again into her own place and in a new beginning. All this combines to pull us out of the Hoarding House at a time when we do really need to be there. Such is life. We make choices and have to play catch up this week….while we can.

gold stuffx

The Estate Sale Planners are coming into the mix soon. Right now, we have pulled out all our keepers and segregated them from the mix. Housekeeping inside and outside is important now for a pleasant staging effort. Garbage is accumulating and being staged outside for a drop box. Much more will follow as items are pulled from all the boxes and paper we used to previously store estate stuff away from the gazillion garage sale items we sold.



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