An Old Radio & Margaritaville

POD contentsSo the POD dealy is not a bad idea. Like loading up a storage locker in your street or yard. We didn’t pack it in too tight. There were several nice pieces of furniture that we stored in there and padded around. Tomorrow we will add boxes of this and that atop padded covers. We made a lot of room today and many thanks to members of the Team who came out of retirement to help do the heavy lifting today.

Crosley Radio SBIt was fun today to unbury the old Crosley radio and unwind the cord. We plugged it in and the tubes in back came alive. The tubes heated up, the dust burned from the heat of the tubes. Suddenly a Mexican music channel blared through. We made margaritas and danced away….nah, just joking.

crosely tubesAre you old enough to remember when TV’s & Radios were often fixed by pulling out a burned out tube (one of those clear glassed gizmos you see above) and replacing the tube with a new one. Those were the days…well not really. The radio worked pretty well. The front knobs and buttons were not clear to read having partially melted from the heat of a fire years ago. It would be interesting to research such old radios and see how one could maintain the exterior while adding to the interior with a more modern sound system. I have seen these around at Antique/Collectible shows.

crosley 1941The Crosley OC2A Radio was released in 1941-42 and sold then for $69.95


3 thoughts on “An Old Radio & Margaritaville

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  2. Jennifer Hansen

    I’ve heard that vacuum tubes actually produce a better, richer sound than modern electronics. It might be worth looking around for new outside furbishings, adding stereo speakers, and keeping the innards as they are.

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