Making Room to Stage: Using A POD

POD 1 DeliveredHoarding House: Part of our plan has been to separate out the keepsakes/things we would like to retain vs. the sellable items. There are several pieces of furniture that we would like to keep, but if we keep them inside the house they will be in the way of staging the sale and of course would be subject to the “are these for sale” or signage for “NFS” Not For Sale. So we rented a POD and had it delivered today. This weekend we will fill up the 8′ x 8′ x 16′ POD with furniture, etc. and have it removed/strored until we are in a position to have it returned, still inside the POD. Another step we did not anticipate, but the space is needed to sort through all the stacked boxes.



4 thoughts on “Making Room to Stage: Using A POD

  1. They have become very popular where I live – people in my neighborhood use them to store things while they renovate or refinish floors. One guy used it as his temporary workshop during the renovations (it remained in his large driveway as we cannot leave them in the street). It is much better than trying to find other temporary makeshift storage for important items.

    1. We had anticipated putting it in the driveway but had no clue about the apparatus that places the POD. Driveway was out so into the street it went. We hope to have it full in a few days and not inconvenience the neighbors too much. With the estate sale chaos looming we don’t to again wear out our welcome.

  2. annietiques

    How interesting, I had no idea how a “Pod” would be delivered!! Hoping that fabulous rattan set from the den is safely inside the Pod!!! It must be a wonderful feeling to see the faint glimpse of the end of the tunnel……….

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