What we’re doing……….

Just an update: a room has been deep cleaned and emptied. Into that room, as I have previously noted, will go those keepers (items deemed keepable for their sentimental or personal taste values). So far we are being disciplined on what to keep and what to sell. 

Housekeeping/yard keeping is that prep area that is lagging a bit. The garage was closed up quite awhile and all that stuff in there baking away under the Summer sun has allowed a hoarding smell to permeate the stuff out there. We need to air out the garage on a more frequent basis and reduce that certain, special smell.

emot rollercoaster 2

Progress for sure. All this effort is so much simpler now that we have committed to turning over the sale(s) portion. The final efforts (clean up, total emptying out of the remaining stuff) will still fall to us, but we envision it being so much simpler by then.

An aside, the smells. Once again we are working in enclosed areas in the Summer heat. The mildew and mold and dust/particulates are not to be ignored. It is hard to wear a mask in the heat/humidity of the house. But, in short order, you can feel the congestion, the itchy eyes, the itchy skin. Take care to not inhale dangerous stuff.



2 thoughts on “What we’re doing……….

  1. annietiques

    Love the graphic…if it is OK I am going to print it out!!!

    Had my 81 year old mother here with me for a week, she helped me clean up my design studio which has not been used for 6 years!!! Four + carloads to goodwill, a pile to burn (Yes, where I live you can burn!!!) and very little kept!!! Needless to say she wiped the floor with me…..more stamina, more strength, more endurance!

    But a clean usable space recovered from total neglect. Thank you Mom!!!

    Loved the little vase that you recovered, hope that is in the “Keeping” room.

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