Little by Little: Treasures Found

DustWe have been clearing away stuff from a bedroom in order to make it our repository for keepers.  That particular bedroom has a lot of ticky tacky stuff and it also is quite musty smelling. Plus we have found paperwork that is a momentum killer. Deeds, birth certificates, death certificates, old WWII work letters all stuffed away in this musty smelling room. So we suffered through the smells and eye irritation to read many of the documents.

The intent is to scope out each room and make serious culling down decisions on what we might want to keep and leave the rest for the sale. Yes, there will be adjustments, but self discipline is in order.

GMom's GGMom's

This little vase has no markings on it. Inside the vase, my wife found a folded up piece of old paper. Written on it in that slowly written, jaggedy cursive I recognize as my Auntie’s handwriting was the notation “Mom’s Great Grandmothers”. “Mom” was born in 1892. Her Great Grandmother would have been in the Banat region of then Hungary (now Romania). This is an intriguing discovery as I spent several years sorting out the family’s genealogical structure. I imagine “Mom’s” (my GMother) mother, Anna, brought this with her in 1896, when the family left Hungary and made their way to Austria, to Belgium,  then board a ship and made their way to the U.S. I know the “Great Grandmother” did not leave the Banat region. 


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