EPIC Signage: Someone Else Takes Over the Task….

pole staples eventsFrom a purely selfish point of view, one thing developing from asking for help to end this mess, is not having to put up a gazillion signs for the sale(s). We had, I think, 7 three-four day sales last Summer. Each one required (we felt) dozens and dozens (usually 50-60) of signs up for miles in all directions, that might lead traffic our way. It seemed to work but with 3-4 hours to put them up and slightly less time to take them down each time it was a laborious task conducted in the middle of the night.

9999Estate Sales appear to be a different enterprise as far as advertising the event. So the “EPIC” Garage Sales, Yard Sale will hopefully give way to the EPIC Estate Sale that will not require me to put up signage. Hooray for Me!!!


3 thoughts on “EPIC Signage: Someone Else Takes Over the Task….

    1. You do indeed…although the cleanup effort, in writing, appears to have stalled out, the drama of life continues behind the scenes. I always wish you well!!!

  1. Thanks. I expect high drama as well, but not yet. Still waiting for the time to come when he has no option but to move. Lawyer says be patient but that is not my nature. Good luck with family dynamics. In the end that is where the drama comes from šŸ™‚

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